Anca Hâncu, MD, PhD

nutrition researcher " Carol Davila " University of medicine and pharmacy, Bucharest

Medical Director and Associate, Nutriscience Clinic, Bucharest

President, Medical Association for prevention through healthy lifestyle

Dr Anca Hâncu is experienced in developing healthy lifestyle projects, being a leader in this field. PhD in nutrition and a master in nutrition, after university degree in medicine recommends her as a profesionist in nutrition.

As a clinician, she treats mainly obesity in the clinic that is a real lifestyle medicine center, with great results, but also is working in medical nutrition therapy for chronic diseases.

The Medical Association for prevention through healthy lifestyle is founded by Dr Anca Hâncu and is affiliate to European lifestyle medicine Organisation. Through this Association, she is developing a lot of educational courses for general practitioners for teaching a healthy lifestyle . Last year, she wrote the book " Healthy life is a style " and coordinated the book " Lifestyle medicine in chronic diseases, prevention and treatment " first lifestyle medicine book at european level.